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American Society for Healthcare Engineering

Holes in Walls are a Huge Risk for Infection.

A Back Safe Design

Bed & Stretcher force is absorbed by the caster not by the nurse as they pull against the 800LB rolling bed to make it stop

Why blame nurses for damaged walls & equipment caused by 800LB Hospital Beds & Stretchers when there is a Safer way with StretcherStopper

Great for:



Surgery Centers

Critical Access

Long Term Care

Nursing Homes

Wall Protection 

Let StretcherStopper do the Stopping and Save Nursing Back Injuries while preventing damage to hospital walls and equipment 

  • Helps prevent Nursing Back Injuries by absorbing stopping force of 800LB rolling Beds & Stretchers

  • Floor mounted bed/stretcher stopping device

  • Minutes to install, just clean, peel and stick

  • Easy to clean & buff around

  • No screws no tools to install

  • Standard Size: 39" Length x 3" Width x 1 1/2" Height

  • Made from industrial strength vinyl, resistant to high impact loads

  • Holds up against the harsh hospital environment (moisture & chemical)

StretcherStopper is a floor mounted device that prevents hospital beds/stretchers from coming in contact with headwalls and life saving equipment. To apply, simply clean floor, peel and stick. Once StretcherStopper is down, "It's not moving!" When the bed/stretcher is positioned in the bay or hospital room the casters come in contact with StretcherStopper preventing further movement.


**The industrial strength bonding tape has holding strengths for both dynamic and static stress applications replacing the use for permanent fasteners.


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